Coming Up For Air | online conference | 17th August 2021

This event will be a breath of fresh air. Despite the torrid swirls of grating systems and the very human struggle, what we do truly matters.

These are the stories that shape us: our past, the present and beyond. This is a day about narrative medicine. Join us for something different.

It will run 0800-1415 (UK) | 1700-2315 (Aus). You will have lifetime access to the recordings.



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Stories of Us

85 mins (0800-0925 UK | 1700-1825 AUS)

Understanding humans at the time of struggle: narrative medicine
Fiona Reilly

The other story: a journalist’s perspective
Ariel Bogle

Seeing the future: robotology
Anjali Jaiprakash with Kat Priddis

Human systems resilience
Neil Spenceley

Deeper discourse

40 mins (0925-1005 UK | 1825-1905 AUS)

Inside story – Neil Spenceley
Only Human – Simon McCormick
Eyes up – a discussion about cutting edge ‘everyday’ tech in the clinical setting

Only Human

80 mins (1005-1125 UK | 1905-2025 AUS)

Adapting to a life changed
Dinesh Palipana with Henry Goldstein

Training through adversity
Emily Cadman with Becky Platt

Broken toy: knowing when it’s time to repair
Simon McCormick with Becky Platt


60 mins (1125-1225 UK | 2025-2125 AUS)

Matthew Dicks on how to tell the stories we all have within us

Colourful conversations

40 mins (1225-1305 UK | 2125-2205 AUS)

Blue Room: Written rule vs actual rule 

Red Room: Uncertainty

Yellow Room: I am enough


70 mins (1305-1415 UK | 2205-2315 AUS)

Uplift: getting up and keeping going
Komal Bajaj

Who am I? Identity in medicine
Rebekah Fenton

COVID; life; uncertainty.
Hugh Montgomery with Liz Crowe

Coming Up for Air
Mary Freer

One day online conference | Tuesday 17th August 2021 (0800-1405 UK | 1700-2305 Aus)

Join us for a breath of fresh air.

One year on from DFTB Live + Connected, we are delighted to bring together 19 leading storytellers and thinkers from across the globe to help you explore the human stories that shape our experience.

Stories of us, human stories, uplifting stories. Despite the torrid swirls of grating systems and the very human struggle, what we do truly matters.

Of course there will be lots of the usual DFTB magic – great stories, phenomenal speakers, in-depth conversation, opportunities for networking and meeting colleagues and friends, and a little bit of music, as well as the unexpected.

These are the stories that shape us: our past, the present and beyond.

Join us for something different.

Check out what last year’s event was like and book now to join us.

Fiona Reilly – Paediatric Emergency Physician + Writer, Australia
Ariel Bogle – Journalist, Australia
Anjali Jaiprakash – Robotologist, Australia
Neil Spenceley – Paediatric Intensivist, UK
Dinesh Palipana – Junior Doctor, Australia
Emily Cadman – Paediatric Emergency Medicine Trainee, UK
Simon McCormick – Emergency Physician, UK
Matthew Dicks – Storyteller
Komal Bajaj – Director of Simulation + Ob/Gyn-Geneticist, USA
Rebekah Fenton – Adolescent Medicine Fellow, USA
Hugh Montgomery – Intensivist, UK
Mary Freer – Compassion Revolutionary, Australia
Liz Crowe – Advanced Clinician Social Worker, Australia
Kat Priddis – Paediatric Emergency Physician, UK
Becky Platt – Advanced Clinical Practitioner, UK
Henry Goldstein – Paediatric + Adolescent Medicine Trainee, Australia
Tessa Davis – Paediatric Emergency Physician, UK
Dani Hall – Paediatric Emergency Physician, Ireland
Andrew Tagg – Emergency Physician, Australia
Damian Roland – Paediatric Emergency Physician, UK