Paediatric Trauma for Groups

DFTB’s Paediatric Trauma course covers key topics in major trauma presentations in children.

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DFTB’s Paediatric Trauma course covers key topics in major trauma presentations in children. We have put together a programme covering key paediatric major trauma presentations and delivered by expert faculty. Sessions include presentations on the evidence-base and discussions around common clinical challenges; and there are also recordings of live Q & A panels. This course will also give you access to a set of procedural videos covering trauma procedures.

This analysis and discussion will help inform your decision making to deliver effective, evidence-based care.

Topics covered include: major head injuries; debriefing; chest trauma; penetrating trauma; and eye injuries. This course is aimed at paediatric and emergency medicine trainees, nursing staff, and early career consultants who may see paediatric trauma as part of their emergency department work.

RCPCH has approved this course for CPD in accordance with the current RCPCH CPD Guidelines. 

Part 1

Tessa Davis
The first few minutes of a trauma call
Ben Lawton
CPR/Traumatic cardiac arrest
Dani Hall
RSI/Trauma Intubation/Analgesia
Ben Lawton
Code Red
Kat Priddis
Questions & Answers
Trauma team leadership
Komal Bajaj
Managing significant head injury
Ami Parikh
Questions & Answers
Abdominal + pelvic trauma
Ross Fisher
Chest trauma
Ross Fisher
Natalie May
Questions & Answers

Part 2

Tessa Davis
Komal Bajaj
Sam Thenabadu
Head injuries – who to scan?
Dani Hall
Chemical injuries
Kat Priddis
Blast injuries
Andrew Tagg
Tessa Davis
Questions & Answers
C-spine trauma
Liz Herrieven
Thoracolumbar spine injuries
Liz Herrieven
Questions & Answers
Limbs (open fractures, compartment syndromes, degloving)
Becky Platt
Facial trauma
Sam Thenabadu
Eye trauma
Siobhan Wren
Questions & Answers

Practical Procedures

Intraosseous access
Chest drain
Lower limb splinting
Dani Hall – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Ami Parikh – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Becky Platt – Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Komal Bajaj – Director of Simulation + Ob/Gyn-geneticist
Tessa Davis – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Ben Lawton – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Andrew Tagg – Emergency Physician
Henry Goldstein – Paediatric Advanced Trainee
Liz Herrieven – Paediatric + Emergency Medicine Physician
Ross Fisher – Paediatric Surgeon
Sam Thenabadu – Paediatric + Emergency Medicine Physician
Siobhan Wren – Ophthalmic Surgeon
Kat Priddis – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Natalie May – Paediatric, Emergency Medicine, + Retrieval Physician