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Course Details

DFTB’s Neonatal course covers key neonatal emergency presentations and is aimed at clinicians who see babies acutely (in hospital or in primary care).

Part 1 is Neonatal Basics. Sessions include: normal feeding, crying, and sleeping; cord problems; jaundice; and the unexpected delivery.

Part 2 is Advanced Neonates. Sessions include: common parental concerns with ex-premature babies; complex cardiac conditions presenting to ED; and metabolic presentations.

There are also recordings of live panel discussions and Q+A’s.

Crying – Becky Platt + Rachael Mitchell
Pooing – Tessa Davis
Feeding – Sam Edwards + Jasmine Antoine
Breastfeeding pro tips – Adele Cowper + Alison Spiro
Panel: Normal neonate – Chinthika Piyasena, Becky Platt, + Andrew Tagg
Common presentations
Cord problems – Tessa Davis
Jaundice – Sam Edwards + Tessa Davis
Sleeping – Vanessa Sturt
Gastro-oesophageal reflux – Rachael Mitchell + Becky Platt
Quiz: Neonatal rashes – Becky Platt
The more worrying
Fever – Nandini Choudhury + Kat Priddis
The collapsed neonate – Ben Lawton + Tessa Davis
The unexpected delivery – Kat Priddis + Nandini Choudhury
Panel: Scary situations – Eoin O’Currain, Kat Priddis, Sam Thenabadu
Edge of viability – Jasmine Antoine + Sam Edwards
Ex-prems: respiratory – Archana Chacko + Ben Lawton
Ex-prems: common parental concerns – Jasmine Antoine + Sam Edwards
Hypoglycaemia – Anne Opute
Seizures – Ben Lawton, Jasmine Antoine, + Matt Lynch
Collapsed cardiac neonate – Ari Horton + Anna McCorquodale
Complex cardiac conditions – Ari Horton + Anna McCorquodale
Panel: Cardiac AMA – Anna McCorquodale, Terence Prendiville + Filip Kucera
When to LP – Kat Priddis, Shrouk Messahel, + Damian Roland
ENT – Eric Levi + Andrew Tagg
Surgical presentations – Craig McBride + Jasmine Antoine
Metabolic presentations – Matt Lynch + Kat Priddis
Neonatologist AMA – Neena Modi, Eoin O’Currain, Vanessa Sturt, + Becky Platt
Anne Opute – Neonatologist Adele Cowper – Paediatrician
Neena Modi – Neonatologist Alison Spiro – Breastfeeding Specialist
Jasmine Antoine – Neonatologist Vanessa Sturt – Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Sam Edwards – Neonatologist Sam Thenabadu – Emergency Physician
Eoin O’Currain – Neonatologist Rachael Mitchell – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Nandini Choudhury – Paediatric Emergency Physician Eric Levi – ENT surgeon
Matt Lynch – Neurologist Craig McBride – Paediatric Surgeon
Chinthika Piyasena – Neonatologist Damian Roland – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Shrouk Messahel – Paediatric Emergency Physician Becky Platt – Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Filip Kucera – Paediatric Cardiologist Tessa Davis – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Terry Prendiville – Paediatric Cardiologist Kat Priddis – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Archana Chacko – Respiratory and Sleep Physician Ben Lawton – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Ari Horton – Paediatric Cardiologist Dani Hall – Paediatric Emergency Physician
Anna McCorquodale – Paediatrician Andrew Tagg – Emergency Physician